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Fans Were PISSED Frank Ocean Pulled His Coachella Performance From The Livestream!

Fans Were PISSED Frank Ocean Pulled His Coachella Performance From The Livestream!

We’re wishing Godspeed to all the Frank Ocean fans.

On Sunday night, the artist performed live at Coachella — three years after he was originally set to headline the festival in 2020, which was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. It also marked his first performance in six years after his last show at Finland’s Flow Festival in 2017. Needless to say, his return to the stage was HIGHLY anticipated… and let’s just say he kept that anticipation building.

As festival-goers and fans watching from home both knew, the Pyramids singer was scheduled to take the Coachella stage at 10:05 p.m. Sunday night. In the days leading up to the concert, official accounts reported his set would be available to watch via a YouTube livestream. However, things didn’t go as planned. The first indication of the day that something was amiss was when the official Twitter account for the video-sharing site took to the app to announce that Frank’s set would actually NOT be included in their livestream — just three hours before he was set to perform!!

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YouTube didn’t even offer much of an explanation. Check out their announcement:

This, of course, sent fans into a frenzy, especially after it was confirmed that there would be no Frank merchandise available for purchase at the music festival. Viewers watching from home took to the bird app to share their disappointment:

Because there would be no official footage, home viewers scrambled to find any livestreams available from Instagram and TikTok users in the audience. However, when 10:05 struck the clock, there were crickets. The Thinkin Bout You singer did NOT rush out onto the stage to begin belting his greatest hits — instead, excited fans were left wondering what the hold up was. Thirty minutes later (!!), there was STILL no sign of the Novacane artist, and viewers began to worry:

“bruh frank ocean still hasn’t came on lmao he hate us”

“30+ minutes since frank ocean was suppose to perform there is no god”

“frank ocean not streaming and being extremely late is the most frank ocean thing he could do.”

“frank ocean is 30 minutes late to coachella. but he’s frank ocean so ill wait”

His fans are clearly loyal!

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Finally, one whole hour after he was originally scheduled to take the stage, the 35-year-old began his performance, with both familiar and new renditions of his classic hits like White Ferrari, Solo, Self Control, Bad Religion, Nights, and more. That said, per TMZ eyewitnesses, some fans felt like he put on a lackluster performance, complete with a dimly lit stage and low-hanging lighting fixtures that often blocked him from the view of the audience. He also apparently didn’t sing at times, allowing pre-recorded vocals to do the work for him. Take a listen to one performance (below):

The musician also teased a “new album” during a short speech midway through his performance, saying:

“It’s been so long. But I have missed you. I want to talk about why I’m here, because it’s not because of the new album, it’s because — not that there’s not a new album.”

The Lost hitmaker went on to take a moment to share a tribute to his late brother, Ryan Breaux, who tragically died at just 18 years old in 2020, by remembering the good times the two shared at the festival in years past. Hear the emotional speech (below):

Sadly, the set, which was scheduled to be two full hours, ended early due to the festival’s “curfew.” It’s unclear why he was so late in the first place and why the livestream was canceled. However, considering the artist’s reluctance to be in the public eye at all, we’ll take what we can get. And we’ll continue to wait patiently on that next album!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Did YOU get to see any of his live performances? Share all your thoughts in the comments down below!

[Image via Mats Andersson/WENN]

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