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Did Scott Disick Really Just Reference Pete Davidson's BIG D**K In The Comments Of Kim Kardashian's Bikini Pic?!

Did Scott Disick Reference Pete Davidson's BIG D**K In The Comments Of Kim Kardashian's Bahamas Thirst Trap?!

Gotta hand it to Scott Disick on this one — this comment is funny AF!

The Flip It Like Disick alum was moved to comment on Kim Kardashian‘s latest Instagram post early on Thursday morning, pointing out that the 41-year-old mom’s thirst trap on the social media site was missing one KEY element!

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As we’ve previously reported, on Thursday morning, the KKW Beauty leader opted to share a super-sexy pic from her ongoing getaway in the Bahamas — which, oh by the way, she is sharing with boyfriend Pete Davidson!

ICYMI, you can re-visit that snap (below):


And Scott clearly thought so, too.

Not long after Kim’s post went up on IG, the 38-year-old reality TV star popped up in the comments section, sharing his admiration for the thirst trap — and also asking where the newest addition to the family was. Only his nickname for Pete is a little on the NSFW side… He posted:

“Damn! Where’s the tripod!”

OMG! Is that really what he’s calling Pete??

For those not following, here’s a little explanation courtesy of our friends at Urban Dictionary:

“Tripod – A man with a penis so big, it is interpreted as a third leg, hence ‘tripod.'”


Of course, Lord Disick’s tripod reference is a hilarious call-back to a long-standing rumor that’s been running through Hollywood about Pete: he’s supposedly got a HUGE c**k! Ariana Grande straight-up confirmed that rumor as fact based on her time with the Saturday Night Live star.

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Innerestingly, Pete has not been a fan of the rumor getting out there. As he explained in his standup special:

“Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my d**k for the rest of my life is disappointed.”

As you could probably already guess, fans lost their s**t upon seeing Scott’s wise-crack, too! Commenters flooded Instagram with reactions to the tripod talk, hilariously delivering takes on the full package:

“Hahahahaha it’s that BDE…. Everyone knows”

“oh that’s the scott we all love and miss”

“if there was ever an onlyfans account needed in the world…”

“I was so pure and innocent before reading that”

“I took it as a sex tape reference lmao”

OK that last comment is just funny, considering the legendary story about how Kim first rose to fame. It’s probably not what Scott is referencing here, but we’ll give ’em a point for originality. Ha!

Anyway, back to Davidson’s dong: what do U think, Perezcious readers?! Is Scott making an offhanded jab? Or is this a regular nickname they’ve been tossing around the KarJenner fam??

[Image via TNYF/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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