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Morgan Wade's Ex Was Suspicious Of Friendship With Kyle Richards?!

Morgan Wade’s Ex Was Suspicious About Country Singer’s Friendship With Kyle Richards!

Morgan Wade‘s ex-girlfriend is speaking out on those affair rumors with Kyle Richards!

When the news of Kyle’s marriage problems with her longtime husband, Mauricio Umansky, broke earlier this week, the rumor mill went wild about what happened between the couple!

The most unexpected speculation? Bravo fans began to question the 54-year-old reality star’s close friendship with the country music star. And the big question on everyone’s minds right now is: Was their relationship not platonic? Was the reason for the “rough year” in Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage because she was cheating on him with Morgan?! That’s what many fans believe — especially after all the evidence discovered over the past week!

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Speculation about Kyle’s relationship with Morgan began when people noticed the two spent a lot of time with each other since last year. The If I Was Your Lover songstress even took the Halloween actress to the 2022 Americana Music Honors & Awards and other red-carpet events. They also were caught sporting matching rings and heart tattoos. These details, along with the fact that Kyle wasn’t posting about Mauricio as much anymore, had many fans thinking something was going on between them.

And RHOBH lovers weren’t the only ones suspicious about the relationship between Kyle and Morgan! Apparently, the 28-year-old artist’s ex-girlfriend was too! Speaking with Page Six on Thursday, Kady Cannon revealed that she also had “feelings” about Morgan’s friendship with Kyle while she and the singer were still an item!

She recalled to the outlet that she and the Wilder Days artist had a “private relationship” between November 2021 and August 2022. Although she wouldn’t share details about why they kept their romance under wraps, she was happy to spill the tea about the beginning of Morgan’s friendship with Kyle! The Temptation Island alum remembered that the Bravolebrity came into Morgan’s life around March of last year after she and “a group of girl friends” contacted the singer since they were “fans of her music.”

That’s when a strong bond formed between Kyle and Morgan! And Kady soon took notice of the super close relationship the duo “developed” afterward. As Page Six noted, it really “stuck out to her” at the time. The 30-year-old Kannon Marketing Agency founder refused to elaborate on her comment, noting that she has never met or talked with Kyle. However, Kady did mention that the news of the RHOBH star’s separation from Mauricio “actually” shocked her, adding:

“We’re dealing with somebody’s marriage here, and I don’t take that lightly. I don’t wanna add to anyone’s speculation or opinion one way or another. The only people who can speak on Morgan and Kyle’s relationship or friendship or whatever you wanna call it — and to whatever degree that is — are Morgan and Kyle, and that’s it.”

“Relationship or friendship or whatever you wanna call it”? We think you may have spoken on it just then…

It seems unlikely we’ll hear any direct comments about an alleged affair from either of those involved. However, Kyle did insist in her and Mauricio’s statement on the divorce rumors that “there has been no wrongdoing on anyone’s part.” A source for The Messenger also swore “there was no cheating” that resulted in the couple’s marriage troubles. They noted specifically:

“Kyle and Morgan are not together and have not hooked up. They are just friends. In regards to any rumors swirling, there has not been any cheating on either side.”

So these cheating rumors could very well be just that — whispers and innuendo! But innerestingly enough, Kady shared with Page Six that she and Morgan also got a tattoo together — not matching like Kyle and the musician’s ink, but still. She also pointed out that Morgan gave her a ring while they were dating. However, the ACM Awards nominee never wore one herself. Hmm…

As for the “K” tattoo fans spotted on Wade’s left arm? Kady was not about to “speak on” it since “she got that after” the exes were no longer “speaking” to each other. Speaking of her breakup with Morgan, the reality star said she ended the relationship – noting that “there were just a lot of things that didn’t add up”:

“I had to let go and move on without having all of those answers. There comes a point where you have to put yourself first and prioritize yourself and value your worth.”

Was the friendship with Kyle potentially the reason for the split?? Ultimately, Kady told she “made the right decision” with the breakup and has “nothing but positive things to say” about Morgan:

“I only want happiness for others. Everything happens for a reason, and everybody comes into your life for a reason. Whatever God had intended for us to learn from one another, you know, I think that it just ran its course.”

Before anyone starts flooding her social media page for more clues about Kyle and Morgan’s alleged relationship, Kady made it clear not everything she posts is a “statement,” and she uses platforms like TikTok as her “creative expression”:

“That’s the way that I express and feel and connect with others who are, you know, maybe going through similar things.”

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Do you believe Kyle cheat on Mauricio with Morgan? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Morgan Wade/Instagram, Kady Cannon/Instagram]

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