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Mom Of Beyoncé’s Half-Brother Says He Often Questions Why Singer Doesn’t ‘Love’ Him Amid Estrangement!

Mom Of Beyoncé’s Half-Brother Says He Often Questions Why Singer Doesn’t ‘Love’ Him Amid Estrangement!

Beyoncé won’t be happy about her dirty laundry aired to the world like this!

For those who don’t know, the 41-year-old singer’s father, Mathew Knowles, had an affair with actress Alexsandra Wright in the late 2000s – while he was still married to Tina Lawson. She ended up getting pregnant and having their son, Nixon Alexander Knowles. Alexsandra served him legal papers in order to force him to take a paternity test, which inevitably proved he was the dad to Nixon.

When the affair and paternity scandal came to light, Tina and Mathew got a divorce. But his infidelity did more than ruin his marriage — it also ended his relationship with Beyoncé and her sister Solange. The Daddy Lessons removed Mathew as her manager, and the two siblings have been estranged from him ever since. They even refused to attend his wedding with Gena Charmaine in June 2022.

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As for Alexsandra and Nixon? The now 13-year-old has no relationship with Beyoncé, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. In an interview with The Sun published on Saturday, Alexsandra shared that Queen Bey hasn’t reached out to either of them – despite living only ten miles away in California. And the reason for the lack of contact? The 52-year-old believes their still some healing that needs to be done following the cheating drama:

“She (Beyonce) is a billionaire and just bought the most expensive house in California, ten miles from where we live. But no, there has not been any contact. The pain still needs to heal.”

But unfortunately, Nixon has to suffer the consequences of her and Mathew’s actions. Alexsandra told the outlet her son’s estrangement with Beyoncé hurts, and he often questions why his half-sister doesn’t “love” him:

“My main concern has been dealing with a child that asks, ‘Why doesn’t that person love me? It’s a very human story and I sit in the bathroom and cry sometimes because I just don’t know how to help him be his own person.”

That’s heartbreaking to hear about Nixon. Alexsandra went on to say that he is constantly facing tough questions about his sibling in school:

“People will ask him straight up at school, ‘Are you the brother?’ Whatever they can Google they will ask him directly and even the grown-ups will take pictures of him. Nixon has never had the luxury of being a normal child. Being related to someone famous smothers kids like him and they lose their identity. They are so and so’s brother or stepkid. It’s hard for him to comprehend and he’s a quiet kid and very reserved.”

She continued:

“I tell him, ‘fame does not equal happiness’ so never covet what someone else has’. But it’s hard to see people living as billionaires. What does that kid think when I am working 16 hours a day and trying to get accounts paid? How does it feel? I think Beyonce is a lovely person and she has never done anything to harm me. I don’t want anything from them. I just want my son to be free and to have a happy life.”

Sadly, Beyoncé isn’t the only one with no relationship with Nixon. According to Alexsandra, Mathew has never met his child – although he does pay child support. Despite the sad situation, she holds out hope that Nixon will eventually meet his other family members:

“I believe our children and grandchildren will be much better human beings than we are. They have Snapchat and all that. I think they will find a way to open up and have that conversation.”

A very sad situation all around. Reactions to the family drama, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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