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Kevin Costner Moves To Kick Estranged Wife Out Of Marital Home NEXT WEEK!

Kevin Costner Threatens Estranged Wife With One Week To Move Out Amid Divorce!

Kevin Costner is done waiting for his ex to move out on her own. The Yellowstone actor is now trying to force her to leave their Santa Barbara mansion — within the next week!

In a new filing obtained by People on Monday and submitted to the court on June 30, Kevin argued his ex Christine Baumgartner “grasps at straws with one baseless argument after another” while squatting in his home. He believes she should be ordered to leave the multimillion-dollar property before they finalize the split, arguing:

“[Kevin] respectfully requests that Christine be ordered to vacate his separate property residence forthwith and no later than July 13, 2023.”

That’s next Thursday — so the clock is really ticking!

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This frustrated filing comes after weeks and weeks of arguments over their marital home. Ever since Christine filed for divorce two months ago, the 68-year-old has been demanding the former handbag designer pack her bags and go. It’s a natural request amid such a messy split, but it’s also something they previously agreed upon in a prenuptial agreement they both signed in 2004. Per the contract, they decided she would move out of any home he owned within 30 days of a breakup.

Within the same contract, the Field of Dreams star agreed to fork over $1.2 million on a separate property for his ex-wife to move into after such a breakup, and he reportedly offered to give her a $10k advance toward moving costs and $30k per month for a rental house “as part of his child support obligations.” So she by no means was going to be left high and dry! Yet she refuses to leave, so… what’s up?!

If you ask Christine, she’d say Kevin has “no legal basis” to force her to leave — despite the prenup, mind you. In a previous filing submitted on June 28, Christine put the notion she won’t vacate the home on blast, saying it is “simply not true.” She said she would move out of the home by August 31 — if a child support agreement has been made. We all know the child support agreement she’s looking for…

Her attorney also claimed that she has a right to stay because of the couple’s three children, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, who deserve to have their mother stay in the same home as them. It’s also the house the “children have lived in for their entire lives,” so she doesn’t want to pull them from that. Understandable.

But in Kevin’s opinion, she’s only refusing to leave while she continues to make “various financial demands.” Last week, that seemed to be proven true when Baumgartner said she’d move out under one condition: if the Draft Day alum promised to pay up in the divorce so she’d never be penniless.

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In previous legal papers, Christine pointed out she hasn’t earned a paycheck of her own since giving birth to their children, so she’s naturally worried about maintaining her and her children’s lifestyles now that she’s parting ways with the A-lister. That said, she’s asking for a ridiculous amount of child support!! In court docs, the 49-year-old requested an astonishing $248,000 a month!!! That’s not including tuition and healthcare! Plus, she also wants the undisclosed amount of spousal support which was previously agreed upon in the prenup. Holy s**t!

Kev’s not willing to hand over that much money per month — and he claims he can’t afford it! He believes $51,940 a month, which he is already paying her, is the “reasonable” amount. He’s also wary of giving her so much money because he thinks she’s spending it on things that have “nothing” to do with their kids. Last month, his attorneys argued she spent more than $100,000 on cosmetic procedures, boutique shopping, ATM withdrawals, construction loans, attorneys’ fees, and other things.

At this time, it does not appear as if a judge has ruled on the new petition. Interestingly, on Thursday, Christine was seen at LAX with her kids, seemingly leaving for the holiday weekend. We wonder if Kevin changed the locks while she was gone? Considering how nasty this split has already been, we wouldn’t be surprised! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Oscar Gonzalez/WENN/MEGA]

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