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Princess Catherine Interrupted By Huge Burp! Watch Her Response!

Princess Catherine Interrupted By Huge Burp! Watch Her Response!

Princess Catherine was in for a big surprise when she was interrupted by a burp!

The Princess of Wales, who’s also known as Kate Middleton, traveled to Nuneaton on Thursday on important business regarding the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood‘s newly funded research into infant well-being and social and emotional development. While meeting with the health professionals that are conducting the study, as well as some infants who attended alongside their parents, the 41-year-old monarch was deep into her discussion when she was cut off by one of the attendees.

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Right in the middle of her sentence, a baby burped loudly and interrupted her! Without missing a beat, Kate gently held the babe’s foot and praised it by saying:

“Well done, you!”


Continuing, she reassured the mother (who was probably nervous because her child just disrupted an important speech by a royal!) that she relates to the situation:

“It’s always really reassuring when you spend ages trying to get them to burp.”

Even the Princess of Wales agrees — it ain’t always easy getting your kiddo to spit up!

The Telegraph‘s Victoria Ward caught the whole adorable interaction on video and posted it to Twitter. She wrote in the caption, in part:

“It’s not every day that the Princess of Wales is interrupted by a massive burp”

You can see the HIGHlarious moment for yourself (below):

Too funny!

Prince William better watch out — his wife has made it known she tends to get baby fever very easily! Last year during a trip to the University of Copenhagen, Princess Catherine said to parents attending she gets “broody” around little ones:

“It makes me very broody. William always worries about me meeting under 1-year-olds. I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one.'”

William and Kate already have three of their own, as you know — 9-year-old Prince George, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 5-year-old Prince Louis — and who knows, maybe before long the royal mom will have another bundle of joy in her arms after this cute moment! LOLz!!

The Centre for Early Childhood gave a study grant of approximately £50,000 (or about $64,000 USD) to the studies at the UK town, specifically focusing on the use of the Alarm Distress Baby Scale (ADBB). The device is described as a scale for assessing relational withdrawal in infants between 0 and 24 months of age, with 8 observation items. It’s used to study how babies interact with the world and people around them, primarily focusing on how the infants hold eye contact, make facial expressions, vocalize, and see how hyper (or lazy) they can be! It’s an important research topic because this device will help doctors, nurses, and parents alike better understand what their babies may be feeling so they can bring them the best care. Pretty cool!

It’s so sweet to see Kate supporting such a great cause — and supporting this baby’s feeding routine — all at the same time! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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