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Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson's Son's Name Revealed!

So THIS Is Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson's Son's Name?!

We’ve got BIG baby name news, y’all!

KarJenner fans and followers the world over have been eagerly awaiting updates on the Khloé Kardashian‘s infant son. The baby boy, who she had via surrogate with now-ex-partner Tristan Thompson back in July of last year, has thus far been unnamed publicly. The 38-year-old reality TV star has kept his identity close to the proverbial vest — as is her right.

But now, in a new update via the US Sun on Thursday morning, it appears the boy’s name is out there!!

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Per that outlet (drumroll please!), Khloé and Tristan’s 10-month-old baby boy has been named…

Tatum Robert Thompson.

We love it! The name ‘Tatum’ is cute AF! They can call him ‘Tate’ for short if they want (super sweet), and they’ve got the alliterative “T” — Tate Thompson — just like 5-year-old daughter True Thompson. We stan it!

FYI, the middle name choice is an important one, too. As KarJenner followers no doubt realize, picking “Robert” is Khloé’s way of paying homage to her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., who died in September 2003 after a battle with cancer.

Interestingly, the outlet also reported choosing the name Tatum Robert was the subject of considerable family discussion behind the scenes. Per the news org, Kris Jenner was “keen” on Khloé picking Robert as the baby’s first name. The momager allegedly even tried “steering” the Good American founder towards that choice.

An insider explained:

“There was talk about whether it should be Tatum Robert or should it be Robert Tatum. Some in the family were leaning more towards Robert, because it honors her dad and her brother. Kris in particular was keen for the baby to be called Robert and was steering Khloé towards that.”


That insider went on to add that Khloé considered it for a while but ultimately preferred Tatum — and flipped the name order to keep with it all “T” themed:

“It took Khloé a little while to settle on the name but ultimately she went with Tatum Robert, which is in keeping with Tristan and True’s names starting with a ‘T.’ Khloé wanted a name that was kind of unusual but not too out there and also keeping with the ‘T’ theme.”

That makes sense!

And we totally get the “unusual but not too out there” vibe. Tatum isn’t a super common name, and there definitely aren’t many famous people with the moniker. Of course, actress Tatum O’Neal immediately comes to mind. And sports fans will recall former NFL running back Tatum Bell. But beyond that, it is pretty unique!

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As Perezcious readers will recall, Khloé talked about Tatum on Jennifer Hudson‘s daytime talk show early last month.

The Kardashians star did NOT reveal the child’s name during that segment on the Jennifer Hudson Show in early April. But Khloé did say she had the name all lined up by then, and it was in use privately among family members:

“Yes, he’s named, but I haven’t announced it yet. He was delivered via surrogate, or the stork as I like to say. And at first, I did not know what I was going to name him. I wanted to meet him and feel him out a little bit, and so at first he didn’t have a name.”

Speaking to Hudson on the ep, she then added:

“He’s been named, but I’ve been waiting for the premiere of our show. So now I’m just like, if my daughter outs me, I’m screwed.”

Well, the third season of The Kardashians premieres on Hulu on May 25, so Khloé ALMOST made it.

Don’t blame True for this one, though! Something tells us she’s not the source who delivered all this name news and the behind-the-scenes debate details. LOLz! We’re guessing it was someone who saw an early cut of the season premiere…

Anyways, what do U think of the name Tatum Robert Thompson, Perezcious readers? Share your takes down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram/Instagram]

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