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Jackie Chan DRAGGED On Twitter For Allegedly Abandoning Lesbian Daughter After Viral Video

Jackie Chan DRAGGED On Twitter For Allegedly Abandoning Lesbian Daughter After Viral Clip

Jackie Chan is not winning father of the year anytime soon if people on the internet have anything to say about it!

Earlier this week, an emotional video of the 69-year-old actor tearfully watching his old stunts alongside a woman many thought was his daughter went viral. It’s a super touching moment between a father and daughter. But here’s the thing… This clip? It’s really a scene from a movie!

When the video circulated on social media, many mistakenly believed that it was Jackie looking back on his career with his real-life child. However, the girl in the clip is not his daughter, she’s an actress named Liu Haocun. The scene is actually from one of his recent movies called Ride On, in which he portrayed a former stuntman. They used Jackie’s real-life reel as the character’s — perfect to watch wistfully with his onscreen kid. The blend of reality and fiction was so well done it managed to fool everyone on the internet into thinking he had such a beautiful bond with his daughter.

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In actuality, though, Jackie doesn’t have a great relationship with his real daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam. In fact, they don’t have one at all! For those who don’t know, the Rush Hour star had an affair in 1999 with former pageant queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei — while he was still married to his wife Joan Lin. Elaine ended up getting pregnant with Etta.

But Jackie has been estranged from the child for years! And things haven’t improved between them lately…

In 2018, Etta accused her “homophobic parents” (including Jackie) of abandoning her and refusing to help her out after falling on hard times and ending up homeless with her now-wife Andi Autumn. Why? She claims it’s because she’s a lesbian. So, so awful. You can hear what Etta had to say (below):

So when the video from Jackie’s film went viral on Twitter, those in the know were quick to fact-check the internet — and drag him for his treatment of his IRL kid. Even Twitter’s community notes were added to the viral clip to provide more context about the situation. See a few of the reactions (below):

“Finding out Jackie Chan disowned his OWN daughter because she was gay & she been living on the streets homeless ever since while his net worth is 400m was not on my 2023 bingo card…”

“Google exists. That’s not his daughter. He disowned his actual daughter for being gay.”

“Jackie Chan being homophobic is a major L”

“Probably one of the most gut punch community notes…”

At this time, Jackie hasn’t responded to Etta’s previous accusations or the recent online controversy. But considering he remained silent back in 2018, we doubt he’ll have anything to say about the matter now. You can see the original clip that started the recent drama (below):

Reactions to the backlash, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube]

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