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Kim Cattrall Lured Back To SATC By 'Great Payday' -- NOT For Sarah Jessica Parker Reconciliation!

Kim Cattrall Lured Back To SATC By 'Great Payday' -- NOT For Sarah Jessica Parker Reconciliation!

Don’t expect Kim Cattrall’s return to the Sex and the City franchise to mean she and Sarah Jessica Parker are ending their feud once and for all!

For those who somehow haven’t heard the exciting news, it was revealed this week that the 66-year-old actress would be reprising her iconic character Samantha Jones in the second season of And Just Like That. But people shouldn’t get their hopes up to see a reunion between Kim and the other ladies! According to Variety, Kim only returned to film one scene – without ever seeing or talking to SJP, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

Nevertheless, the announcement shocked many fans since it was believed she would never return to the show due to her longtime beef with SJP. She and Kim both confirmed the Ice Princess star was never even asked to be part of And Just Like That in the first place! The Hocus Pocus star even went as far as to say she did not want Kim to be on the reboot. So her season two cameo is a tad puzzling. Many people are even wondering why did they ask Kim to appear on the reboot now? Why does she even want to come back? Cattrall has been vocal about her negative experiences with SJP on the set of Sex and the City. So why now?

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Well, we’re getting some answers! And no, it wasn’t to reconcile with Sarah. Unsurprisingly it all comes down to money! According to on Friday, a source close to Kim revealed she was convinced to sign on for a brief appearance on the show by her “dear friend” and producer Darren Star. He apparently argued to the How I Met Your Father star needed to give Samantha a proper goodbye. The source explained:

“What made her finally fold to do it now? It was her connection with her dear friend Darren Star, who created Sex that kept asking her to be a part of the show that finally convinced her to do it. Kim decided if she was ever going to button up the character and then not be asked about it again, she should do it now.”

The insider continued:

“She got to an understanding with Darren that she needed an amazing send-off and they figured it out. Everything has now fallen into place, Kim still can’t believe she was convinced to do it, but she is going to do it and let the scene speak for itself. Sex And The City gave Kim so much, so she is giving the appropriate swan song and Kim hopes everyone is happy with the results.”

So we can all thank Darren – and the decent paycheck they were willing to give her for the cameo:

“She is doing it for her friend Darren first. But she is also doing it as she realizes it will be a nice career boost and a great payday above all of that.”

And Kim reportedly really wants that “career boost” after her 2020 series Filthy Rich was canceled and subsequently crushed her hopes that her career would have been taken to “another level.” The insider said:

“Kim was really excited to work with [filmmaker] Tate Taylor on Filthy Rich and she really thought that was going to be her next big project and a show that she believed would have taken her to another level in her storied career as she still believes that the show should still be on TV. The show was being done right around the same time as And Just Like That and she knew she was going to be asked about it all the time and asked to be a part of that, but she didn’t want to do it with her issues with Sarah. She was done. She loved her time playing Samantha, but she wanted to move on.”

So now, Kim is hoping that her appearance with And Just Like That will give her an in to do some projects with the streaming service Max:

“She has also been reassured that this will open some more doors on projects that she wants to do that she would bring to Max when the time is right.

But for those hoping her return would leave the door open for a reconciliation between Kim and Sarah, that doesn’t seem like a possibility – at least for now. The source shared that the Golden Globe winner isn’t coming back for SJP, and they’ve come to “an understanding” that they’ve never been and will never be friends:

“Kim and Sarah both have an understanding, but [as for] them being friends in the future, don’t hold your breath.”

Oof. No matter the reason for her return – it is safe to say fans will be happy to see Samantha back on their screens again! And perhaps, Darren can do everyone a solid and convince her to return for season 3! Maybe even give us an on-screen reunion with the four ladies? Or is that wishful thinking at this point? Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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