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How Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Are Celebrating July 4th!!

How Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Are Celebrating July 4th!!

Tennis Pickleball, anyone?!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to take their love to the court, where it all begins “love-love” — OK, pardon the pun — and play a little game for the July 4th holiday!!!

According to newly-published pics and videos, the duo are enjoying the major national holiday in the Hamptons right now. And just like so many well-to-do families on the East Coast during the summer season, they are grabbing their rackets and hitting the tennis court together to get some exercise and enjoy some friendly competition!

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Well, OK, it’s not exactly tennis. It’s pickleball!!

The tennis-like game, which is played on a smaller court and with slightly different rackets and balls, has taken the world by storm in the last few years. And on Tuesday, Ben and Jen decided to take their own whacks at this fun and easy-to-play game.

Per the footage first obtained by TMZ, the happy couple popped up at a pickleball court in Sag Harbor to play for a few hours on Tuesday morning. As that outlet noted, the court was a public one — so these two weren’t trying to remain anonymous or stay away from us riff-raff! LOLz!

Instead, Jen and Ben hit the ball back and forth “out in the open” with some other park-goers. And, they very clearly “weren’t trying to lie low,” as that outlet noted in their afternoon report. Fun!!

FWIW, Jen was very appropriately dressed for the game and played accordingly. Meanwhile, Ben wore, uhhh, just some jeans and a t-shirt. Um… Oookay! We suppose that kind of tracks with him! LOLz!

Anyways, you can see video of the two hitting the (pickle)ball back and forth with some local folks HERE.

That sure seems like a fun way to spend the July 4th holiday, doesn’t it?! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via KIKA/WENN]

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