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Fans Are DROOLING Over Christopher Meloni’s Sexy Nude Sock Commercial!

Fans Are DROOLING Over Christopher Meloni’s Sexy Nude Sock Commercial!

Christopher Meloni stripped down once again for a new ad, and Law & Order: SVU fans are absolutely here for it! In fact, they are practically drooling over the video!

The 62-year-old actor took everything off for a commercial with Tommie Copper. We are talking abs on full display here! Except there was one thing he kept on for the entire clip – his socks. While lounging in bed, Christopher teased fans by saying:

“Hey. Come a little closer. I want you to experience the magic that’s underneath these sheets. I’m gonna show you my giant … socks.”

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That’s when the Runaway Bride star whipped out his foot from under the covers, revealing that he’s sporting a blue-and-white striped pair of Tommie Copper socks. For the rest of the video, Christopher continues to be in the buff, switching into a different pairs of socks as he props his feet on the kitchen countertop. Meanwhile, a blurred out box completely hides his junk. He also tells the camera:

“It’s better than being naked. Why? Because naked only comes in one color.”


Of course, fans were freaking out over the video in the comments section – to say the least! See the reactions (below):

“Round of applause for these companies continuing to make ads with Chris nude”

“‘How many times did you watch this’ ….Me: ‘yes’”

“Question: if I order 12 pairs, do I get Chris Meloni thrown in for free?”

“Whoever blurred those buns, should lose their job!”

“Should i feel shame for how many times I’ve watched this?”

“Pretty sure this is how geriatric pregnancy happens … maybe it’s just a hot flash”

We bet a lot of folks kept watching this vid over and over again! Lolz! Reactions? Let us know!

[Image via Christopher Meloni/Instagram]

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