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No Feud?! Kristin Davis Insists Sex And The City Reboot ‘Would Never Disrespect’ Samantha Jones

“I just feel like the world is a complicated place and we do not need to get into any more drama. We also really thought that it would be nice for the fans. I know the fans miss Samantha and she’s a great character. And I feel like it rang true to life, like you have these really intense friendships and then maybe somebody moves or gets into a relationship or whatever different thing happens. And you don’t see them all the time but that doesn’t mean that you’re not friends. And that doesn’t mean that you might not hear from them.” – Kristin Davis to Extra on And Just Like That, friendships, and Kim Cattrall‘s return to the SATC franchise after her heated feud with Sarah Jessica Parker

[Image via HBO Max & MEGA/WENN.]

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Jun 20, 2023 15:30pm PDT