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Smallville Alum Allison Mack Released From Prison EARLY After NXIVM Cult Role!

Allison Mack Released From Prison Early

Allison Mack is a free woman — unlike the scores of women she tricked into joining NXIVM.

Back in June 2021, the Smallville alum was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to her role in the sex cult. She admitted to recruiting and blackmailing women into becoming sex slaves for cult leader Keith Raniere. But she was more than just a recruiter; she had been one of the highest-ranking members — high up enough that the brand women were forced to get had both his AND her initials.

NXIVM brand initials
The NXIVM cofounders’ initials hidden within the brand. / (c) A&E/YouTube

But instead of serving her full prison sentence, Allison has left early. The Federal Bureau of Prisons website revealed that the former TV star was released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, on Monday after only serving two years behind bars. Seriously?!! After everything she did to those victims?

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She co-founded the damn cult, so three years was already a real slap on the wrist. Remember, her partner Keith got 120 years! So for her to not even have to serve the whole thing on an already light sentence… it just boggles the mind, frankly.

Allison Mack NXIVM Cult Keith Raniere Prison Sentence Branding Ritual
(c) Keith Raniere Conversations/YouTube/US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of New York

As for why she was released early? The Federal Bureau of Prisons told People in a statement on Wednesday that she was let go due to the First Step Act release. The act, signed into law by president Donald Trump, allows federal inmates to acquire up to 54 days of “good conduct” credit each year of their imprisonment. The agency also noted that inmates can be released up to 12 months early if they complete the Residential Drug Abuse Program or due to a court order because of old age, medical conditions, or clemency.

We’re not sure what if any of these exceptions the now 40-year-old qualifies for. And in two years she could only have acquired 108 days of “good conduct” credit, not a whole year off. So really we still have no idea why she’s out so early.

Considering how much everyone was upset when Allison only received three years in prison, this news will no doubt have everyone further enraged now. Reactions to the latest in Allison’s case, Perezcious readers? Do you think she should have been released early? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via WENN]

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