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Video Of Colleen Ballinger Performing In Blackface Surfaces Amid Racism & Grooming Scandal!

Colleen Ballinger Dancing In Blackface Video Resurfaces Amid Racism & Grooming Scandal!

UPDATE 7/6/23 12:20 P.M. PST:

Colleen Ballinger is clapping back! On Thursday, the internet personality’s legal reps denied claims she was dressed “in blackface” during a resurfaced performance of Single Ladies in a statement to Variety. In the viral video, it appeared she had dark-colored paint on her face – and she did, per her legal team at the law firm Berk Brettler, but it wasn’t what it seemed.

They claim just before belting Single Ladies in 2009, Colleen took the stage with Oliver Tompsett to sing As Long As You’re Mine from Wicked. In honor of the musical, she painted her face green like Elphaba. She kept this same paint on as she immediately transitioned into performing Beyoncé’s song, which she always ended her shows with at the time because it was one of her most popular bits. To prove all of this, they even released an extended recording of the controversial show — which now includes the Wicked performance. You can see it HERE.


How’s Colleen Ballinger gonna sing this trouble away…

Amid allegations of racism and grooming young fans, the Miranda Sings star on YouTube is now coming under fire for seemingly wearing blackface in a resurfaced video. In a new clip circulating online, the comedian can be seen performing Beyoncé‘s hit Single Ladies with two others on stage. They all wear black bodysuits, but it’s just Colleen whose face is painted black.

The original video was actually posted on Miranda Sings’ official YT page in February 2018. It is only viewable thanks to a link released in her book, My Diarrhe, which may be why it didn’t generate a ton of backlash until now. It appears she gave the inappropriate AF performance during one of her comedy shows at the time.

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You can see the newly viral video (below):

And here’s the full thing if you’re interested:

Just… wow.

This is never a good look, but it is made even more problematic knowing the string of other gross and disturbing allegations levied against the star in recent weeks. If you’ve been following this scandal, you’ll know this all began when a former fan, Adam McIntyre, called Colleen out for allegedly grooming young viewers, encouraging bullying, and asking minors about their sex lives, among other things. The 36-year-old clapped back by releasing a 10-minute video in which she addressed the claims via a cringe-worthy and tone-deaf ukulele song — no apology in sight!

Her former friend and collaborator, Trisha Paytas, then publicly blasted her while revealing Colleen used to share explicit photos of her with fans and hold viewing parties to mock her body. And this happened somewhat recently as she noted the influencer was “well into their 30s who just gave birth.” JFC. Also, April Korto Quioh, a former assistant to the writers and showrunner for Haters Back Off, the content creator’s two-season show with Netflix, spoke out. In a scathing blog post titled You Owe Me An Apology, April slammed the internet personality for alleged racism and inappropriate behavior on set.

For example, the assistant claimed Colleen allegedly insisted the show have limited background actors of color since the series took place in Washington and she thought it’d be “distracting” to have them around. She also demanded an Asian food market be “re-dressed as a bodega for the show and watched her disgust as she demanded assurance that all the ‘Asian s**t’ would be removed before filming.” WTF.

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When addressing why all the leads of the show were white, April noted:

“I sat patiently as the Powers That Be expressed concern that the entire main cast for the show was white and silently prayed that since someone with some actual say had spoken up, things might change. And I took note, yet again, as Colleen assured them that they had only casted the best person for each role and that it wasn’t her fault that all of those people ended up being white.”

It gets worse, too. April included alleged screenshots of texts she sent a friend about the aforementioned audition process. In them, April recalls Colleen allegedly yelling out “Where is he” — “implying he is so dark skinned he disappeared.” She continued:

“I recall overhearing her once brag that a creator was being ‘cancelled’ for saying the n-word (and if you think she went with ‘n-word’ instead of hitting that hard ‘r’ then you haven’t been paying attention) and that she would never be stupid enough to get caught doing something like that.”

And now she’s seen performing in what appears to be blackface. Yikes. She better not address this with a freaking ukulele remix because these very serious accusations deserve an equally serious response! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger/YouTube]

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