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SZA Calls Out ‘Trash Ex-Boyfriend’ For Cheating During London Show!

SZA Calls Out ‘Trash Ex-Boyfriend’ For Cheating During London Show!

SZA has some bad memories of London — all thanks to a cheating ex-boyfriend.

As fans know, the 33-year-old singer has never shied away from talking about her former beaus in her music or to fans. And while performing at the O2 Arena in London as part of her SOS Tour this week, she continued to vent, this time about an ex-flame who was unfaithful during their relationship! Ouch!

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Before belting out her hit song Nobody Gets Me, SZA shared with the crowd that she was “sad” to come back to the city for the concert at first. Why? Because it was the place where her unnamed ex cheated! Ugh! However, the Kill Bill songstress refused to let that fact ruin the night. She pushed through the blues, praising the crowd for turning her mood around:

“I never told anybody, but, like, my boyfriend cheated on me in this city before. It was f**king terrible. That’s why I was really sad to come here, but you guys made it so much better. Thank you! This song is about my other trash ex-boyfriend.”

LOLz! She has so many trash exes! Like everyone, we guess… SZA then added:

“I have bad taste in men.”

Oof!!! You can ch-ch-check out the raw moment from the concert (below):

This isn’t the first time SZA has called out an ex during her tour! In fact, her comments have gotten her in trouble with one former boyfriend’s family members after she told an audience in Portland about how he blocked her on everything! SZA recalled to Elle last month:

“My ex’s father just texted me and was like, ‘My son is really hurt about what you said about him to the crowd in Portland.’”

Seriously?? He’s upset about her mentioning he’d blocked her? Of all the things to get mad at… The Grammy winner also didn’t understand the issue with her remarks, especially since it was the truth for her:

“You don’t get to block me on everything. Tell our mutual friends terrible things about me like I’m a monster, or whatever the case may be. And then I don’t get to speak my peace in my way. You go do your healing and I’ll do mine.”

Yes, girl! Her healing just happens to come with an arena full of good listeners!

Ultimately, SZA isn’t bothered by any backlash from the guys. She explained to the outlet she believes it’s important to always be candid with her fans about her life, saying:

“The only way I don’t bore myself is to bare myself. It’s freeing and empowering AF.”

So fair warning to SZA’s past and possible future exes (Travis Scott???), she will call you out if you do her wrong! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Billboard/YouTube]

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