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Heather Locklear May 'NEVER' Have Gotten Sober?! Friends Claim She 'Wanted To Go Back To Rehab' A Month Ago, But...

Heather Locklear Has Been ‘Struggling’ With Sobriety

Heather Locklear has been “struggling” with her sobriety after years of battling substance abuse issues, and now her friends are scrambling to figure out how dire the situation is.

The Melrose Place alum concerned friends and fans last week when she was spotted acting erratically after an appointment at an office building in Malibu. In photos and videos, she could be seen walking along the edge of a building, reading a journal, and talking to herself out loud for about an hour until she ran across the street and got in the car, where a man believed to be her fiancé, Chris Heisser, had been waiting patiently.

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It was certainly an odd sight, and one made more troublesome when sources came out of the woodwork to claim she was back to drinking again and had lost 40 pounds while taking the diabetes-turned-weight-loss drug Ozempic. Now, more insiders are speaking out about the 61-year-old’s health at the moment, including an insider close to the star and her husband-to-be who told Us Weekly on Wednesday:

“She has been drinking and told friends over a month ago she wanted to go back to rehab. But she is not in rehab.”

Hmm. We suppose it’s good Heather realizes she needs help, but the next best thing would be to actually check into a treatment center.

The insider went on to say The Perfect Man lead “hasn’t left her home” recently “except for a few sightings,” including the aforementioned June 29 Malibu incident. On this, an eyewitness revealed:

“It was very strange behavior to be sure, kind of shocking. She seemed to be talking to herself, 100 percent. God knows what was going on. At one point she ran across the road making all those funny faces, then she went back and sat by herself. And why she was walking along the wall with flip-flops on? That was a seriously steep drop. If she’d fallen it would have been seriously dangerous.”

So sad…

As mentioned, Heather has had many struggles with addiction and mental health over the years — some of which landed her in legal trouble. In 2018, she was arrested twice for allegedly attacking police officers, and she almost had to go to jail for 120 days but she was able to avoid time behind bars by checking into a treatment program and remaining on probation for three years.

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In November 2018, she was also placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after reports she allegedly assaulted Chris and her therapist believed she was having a mental breakdown. Per other reports, she’s been to rehab 20 times throughout her life. So, she’s had her fair share of struggles, but things seemed to be turning a new leaf in April 2020 when she celebrated one year of sobriety, writing on Instagram at the time:

“Hugs will come later! 1 year sober today!!!”

Now, though, not everyone in her inner circle believes she ever really quit drinking. A confidant mused:

“Friends say she may never have quit drinking after a judge ordered unsupervised probation in 2019. She didn’t have any oversight so no one knows if she ever stopped drinking, even back then.”

Because of her addiction, she has sadly had many falling outs with pals in recent years, two other insiders confirmed. Another elaborated:

“Heather’s loved ones are seriously worried about her and hoping this serves as a wake-up call to get help. Everyone’s trying to get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on — not just on the day those photos were taken but in general, because it’s very clear something’s not right.”

Thankfully, she does have her family on her side during this challenging time, including her 25-year-old daughter Ava, whom she shares with her ex-husband Richie Sambora. They are said to be worried, which is very understandable considering all they’ve witnessed. We are sending positive thoughts Heather’s way and hope she gets help soon!

If you or someone you know is experiencing substance abuse, help is available. Consider checking out the resources SAMHSA provides at or check out

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