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Eyewitness Breaks Down Britney Spears' Violent Altercation With NBA Star's Security Guard In Las Vegas!

Eyewitness Breaks Down Britney Spears Incident Against NBA Star's Security Team As A Criminal Investigation Begins!

A witness to the attack on Britney Spears in Las Vegas is now speaking out.

If you missed the breaking news, the pop star was spotted on Wednesday night at the celeb hotspot Catch inside the Aria Hotel in Sin City. There, she saw San Antonio Spurs rookie superstar Victor Wembanyama signing autographs for fans and wanted to go say hello herself. But when she approached and “tapped him on his back, right shoulder,” she was allegedly slapped and knocked to the ground by an aggressive security guard, identified as Spurs’ Director of Team Security Damian Smith. All this according to various TMZ insiders.

After the incident, Brit returned to her table and Damian later apologized to her, insisting he was just doing his job and that he did not recognize her. Paps caught the singer and her husband Sam Asghari leaving the restaurant soon after and the 41-year-old ended up filing a police report. Initially, though, TMZ‘s law enforcement sources claimed the case was “not being handled as a criminal matter.” But with more and more details coming to light, this seems to be changing!

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So, for starters. What really happened? An eyewitness is now speaking out about what did and didn’t go down during the unexpected altercation. Brian Grajales, a Canadian who was outside the restaurant at the time of the incident, told TMZ on Thursday that he saw Britney approach the French baller, possibly because she wanted to take a photo with him. He claims she “infiltrated” her way into his inner circle before leaning in and — using a British accent — said, “Excuse me, sir … excuse me, sir.” The Grammy winner then touched the athlete’s shoulder and that’s when the head honcho backhanded her in the face!

While one law enforcement source previously told the outlet that Damian hit Britney’s hand and then her hand hit her face, Brian disagrees. He insists the guard “turned around and slapped her across the face.” He also noted that her sunglasses fell off, but he could not remember if she fell to the ground as reports have claimed since there was so much commotion. He does remember her going “to the side and hunch over.”

In photos obtained by the outlet, Britney and Sam could be seen walking behind Victor and his security team just before the incident. You can see those snapshots HERE.

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After this startling ordeal, the fan then claims the Toxic artist was being walked out of Catch and screamed (in her British accent):

“This is f**king America!!!”

Seems like she was really rattled by the alleged slap! Hear more from the viewer (below):

As mentioned, new reports are now revealing the case is reportedly under investigation. An insider high up in the Metro PD told TMZ there is a criminal investigation open and they are taking the incident “as serious as a heart attack.” The case will “likely” be referred to the District Attorney for review, as well, but that doesn’t mean any criminal charges will be filed.

This, of course, is contradictory to the outlet’s first sources, who believed nothing was to come of the police report. Interestingly, Vegas police were spotted in the hotel on Thursday morning, reportedly walking through the lobby to go up to the Crossroad alum’s suit to interview her about the situation. We hope Britney is feeling okay after this intense interaction and that this all gets sorted out quickly!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & GMA/YouTube]

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