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Margot Robbie Reveals How She Filmed That ICONIC Barbie High-Heeled Foot Scene!!

Margot Robbie Reveals How She Filmed That ICONIC Barbie Foot Scene!!

Margot Robbie is letting us in on the secret!

Ever since the trailer for the upcoming Barbie film dropped, everyone’s been freaking out over the shot of the doll’s permanently high-heeled feet. It was just so perfect! If you somehow haven’t seen the viral moment for yourself — check it out (below)!


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So, how’d it come to be?! Well, Margot spilled the tea in a new interview with Fandango last week, sharing:

“It was probably about eight takes. Wasn’t that many. They are my feet. I walked up, we had little sticky bits on the floor, double-sided tape for the shoes, so they wouldn’t come off, so I could get my feet out of them. And I was holding onto a bar. But that’s it. I wasn’t in a harness or anything like that. I just walked up, kind of held onto the bar above [the] camera.”

It helps that she used to do ballet, too! As Kate McKinnon pointed out, she’s got the perfect arches! LOLz! On the importance of doing the doll stunt herself, Margot added:

“I always try to do my own inserts. I don’t like when I watch a movie and I know it’s not my hands. I hate that so much. I always say to the director, ‘Please let me do all my own things. I don’t like knowing that I didn’t do it.'”

She must be especially proud it was really her feet after seeing how viral the moment got! Ch-ch-check it out!


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[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures/Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube]

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